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New Years Resolutions

December 30, 2009 By: Lynn Category: My Daughter, My Views, New Beginnings

When ringing in the New Year, we usually hear people speak of their New Years Resolutions!!  These resolutions in my experience’s usually include many of the various components that they probably did or tried the year before, and did not succeed.

I really don’t understand why people make New Years Resolutions when they can’t concummate them.  Why say it?  Just don’t say anything, because you have tried to lose weight for three years now and every year your new years resolution is to get on a weight loss program.  Well you still weigh the same and I don’t see you loosing any in the near future!!  Just don’t say that that is your new years resolution. 

You’ve tried to quit smoking, well do it.  Take whatever protocol that you need, to obtain those goals.

This to me is as bad as a new mother that says that she just can’t breastfeed.  That is hurts and that she has given up on the miracle that was provided for her to offer nourishment for her child. 

Of course it hurts to breastfeed your child for the first time, you’ve never done it before, the baby doesn’t know how to suck, it takes practice.  It probably hurt the first time that you had sex as well, but you got over it and learned to like it, love it in fact, well this is the same philosophy, like my daughter would say, practice makes perfect!!

Back to News Years Resolutions, what are some of your past new years resolutions?  Was it a resolutions that you could follow through on?  Have you ever had to make a comittment on a resolution that you could not achieve?

I can’t ever really say that I have made a resolution.  I know that I hope beyond belief that 2010 will be a way better year than 2009.  I hope for it, I long for it actually.  I can only dream that what is waiting for me is inconceivably better than what experiences that I endured in this current year.

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