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Kids Say The Darndest Things

This section is called Kids Say The Darndest Things, where we can brag about the simple, jaw dropping and yet funny things that our bundles of joy say.  Who doesn’t love to brag about stories that our children tell, or the ultimately embarrassing comments that they make.  Here are a few to get us started.  I hope that you love this collum as much as I liked writing them out for you to read.

Funniest thing, our daughter was talking to my mom who is a Findley (Irish) and was wishing her a Happy St. Patty’s Day. My Mom was telling her that because she is Irish, that our daughter would have Irish in her blood too.  Then my Mom says, “I wonder if your Dad has Irish in his blood?”  Our daughter pipes up, “no he’s just white with McDonalds in his blood.” Can you see that she gets her whittiness from me!! haha


So, I think that Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock is HAWT (hot in slang), he was on a commercial on T.V. and I said to my husband, “if Dwayne (because we are on first name basis) asked me to marry him, I would leave you for him.” my husband rolls his eyes and says, “whatever”, our daughter pipes up with enthusiasm, “you mean I am going to have a step father?” excitedly followed by, “there are alot of kids at my school that have step parents.” So I was thinking, I don’t want my daughter to be the only one without a stepfather………..So Dwayne if you’ll have me!! haha


So, our daughter was playing with Barbie and Ken

and asks, “when you are having sex is the man on the bottom or the woman?”

Me, “Daughter what is sex?”

Daughter, “kissing and cuddling in bed.”

Me, “Daughter, your Barbie’s are only allowed kissing!!”………….

Wish me luck…..it’s time for “the” talk.”

So this is how I handled it………I told her that sex is for adults and that I will tell her all about it when she turns six (I hope she forgets about it at this time).

She then responds, “so I’m not having sex until I am Nanny and Grampy’s age?”

I respond, “that’s correct Daughter.”

She then says, “well if I’m not having sex until I am that old, then I don’t need to know about it.” ………………………..PERFECT!!!!

(How do you like me know!!!!) lol  I had a mini panic attack and in my head I was like, think fast, think fast……..they can smell the fear!! lol


Our daughter had just lost her second front tooth and was having a complex about it;  because she loves the camera so much, she was having abit of a hard time with, “the big hole in my head, mommy.” I just roll my eyes, “Daughter you are beautiful no matter how many teeth are missing.” “Well, I know that mom, look at me.”  lol



During the first week of school, our daughter was a few minutes late for school. She ran in and greeted everyone on at the door by saying: “Sorry I’m late (with a HUGE smile)…I just throwed up!”

Submitted by teacher.


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