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When Is A Good Time For Parents To Have Sex When You Have Children In The Next Room?

October 13, 2011 By: Lynn Category: Frustrated, My Daughter, My Husband, Our Children, Sex

If you have children then I am sure that you have probably experienced this situation at one time or another;  when is a good time for parents to have sex when you have children in the next room?

My husband and I have two small children, our daughter is six and our little fellow is 11 months.  My hubby works nights and for the most part sleeps all day, everyday.  Every now and then when he is awake in the daytime hours, we feel as though it would be nice to get it on have a quick love making session.  Now with two children, this has to be a thoughtout process and done absolutely quickly, before they fight, he starts crying, or before our daughter thinks that we’ve been, ”talking to long,” and opens the door to find out, what is none of her business.

So, on the odd occasion we will ask our daughter if she can be a big girl, and babysit her brother to give her daddy and I fifteen minutes to get it on talk privately, without any interruptions.  So, on that note we go in the bedroom, and do you think that I/we can concentrate?  OF COURSE NOT.  She is in the other room throwing a ball at his head playing catch, and not even five minutes in, our son is bored and gets up to play with the bedroom door handle and is banging on the door, screaming “momma”.  Grrr.

Let’s just say that on a number of occasions my husband is not very fulfilled by the end of our, “conversation.”  Does this ever happen to you?  Have you ever been in the middle of having sex with your significant other and have to stop because of the children?  When is a good time to have sex when you have children and both work opposite shifts?



Vancouver Olympics 2010, Needed An Emergency Supply Of Condoms After Already Receiving 100,000

February 28, 2010 By: Lynn Category: Health, Sex

Did you know that the Olympians at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics were so close to running out of condoms that they had to send for an emergency supply? 

Health officials in Vancouver had already provided 100,000 free condoms to the roughly 7,000 athletes and officials at the Winter Olympic Games.  That’s about 14 condoms per person.  But as of Wednesday, those supplies started running dangerously low.

The Canadian Foundation for AIDS research decided to step up and make sure there were no hitches in the Olympic action.  (Get it Action, Ha Ha, knee slapper.)

“When we heard about the condom shortage in Vancouver, we felt it was important to respond immediately,” said Kerry Whiteside, ANFAR’s Executive Director.  The organization assembled three large boxes of about 8,500 condoms, much to the relief of libidos at the Olympic.

So naturally, the Canadian Foundation for AIDS research decided to step and make sure there were no hitches in Olympic action.
Free condoms first started to be distributed at the Olympics in Barcelona at the 1992 Games. This appears to be the first time that a shortage has struck the Games.

So who isn’t having sex in Vancouver!!  They definitely can’t say it was all work and no play.  Was there a shortage of condoms for the normal population?  Did the abundance of the travelers and tourist have enough condoms to accommodate them?  Hmm, I wonder!

Who Came Up With Lent? I Want To Shake Their Hand.

February 27, 2010 By: Lynn Category: My Views, Sex, Simple Humour

Well, I’m not Catholic, but this lent thing sounds like it could work in my favour!!  It’s the “thing” that everyone is talking about it.  I go to work and all the women are talking about the things that they have given up.  This has become the weight loss program of God.  So I was thinking, what if since my husband is a Catholic, but is not a practicing he doesn’t do or participate in much, he definatley doesn’t practice cleaning, spiritual being, I thought that maybe I should take over his participating role. 

I am going to give up SEX for him!!

I am also going to give up cooking!! (This one is more for me)

And last but not least cleaning. (this one’s the best Ladies) 

I think that at a “special” time like this, we should all be taking advantage of this Catholic tradition. Lent baby!!

If you really are Catholic I am not poking fun, I think that it is admirable that you give up something that is so close to your heart. What did you give up for lent? And if you want to be a practicing citizen of this religious tradition then what would you give up?

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