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Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

December 18, 2011 By: Lynn Category: Controversial, My Views, Political Views, Religious Beliefs

Does it really matter that much, whether or not someone says Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?  Does it really affect the end result of what they truly mean?

I find that some controversial sayings have become very petty in the last couple of years.  Personally, whether or not someone does not respond to me over the holidays, by saying Merry Christmas does not mean that they are any less in the spirit. 

I know that is has been a huge topic around here on whether employees can say Merry Christmas anymore because of the religious background behind it.  It has been debated that the government and retail industry are trying to do away with people saying it to consumers, because of one’s personal background and religious beliefs.  I think that this is ridiculous.  We need to remember the true meaning of Christmas.  We also have to remember that everyone has a different opinion, so we should be able to say what is fitting to our culture and not be judged.  It’s a personal belief.  It shouldn’t be about how someone else takes it or how it makes you feel.  Why should someone convert their views to cater to someone else?

Shouldn’t I be able to say Happy Kwanzaa, if that was the traditional holiday that I celebrate and you respond back to me Happy Holiday.  Shouldn’t we be able to respect one another?

Now I understand that the government are trying to use Happy Holidays as a standard, a generic saying if you must, so that there is no religion involved with it, but if you are that 85 years old man that has been saying Merry Christmas his whole life, then I do believe that he should have every right to feel disrespected when someone says to him that he shouldn’t say it anymore.  Is this new standard of us not responding Merry Christmas back to him, appropriate or fair?

I feel that as the holidays approach, we should all take a little more time to respect one another.  We need to remember that this season isn’t and shouldn’t be all about the merchandise, it’s about family and for a lot of people in the world Christmas is still about, Jesus’ birthday.  So even though you may not agree with my thoughts or someone else’s thoughts on the time of the year doesn’t mean that we should disrespect one another.

Do you believe that we need to do away with saying Merry Christmas?  Do you prefer Happy Holidays?  Perhaps you are a different religion, would it bother you not if someone wished you something that was not your religion?  Do you feel like you should have the right to say what you have grown up with, or do you feel like a generic saying for the world will makes things easier?  Share your thoughts!

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The Americans Get The H1N1 Shot Before Canadians

October 06, 2009 By: Lynn Category: Health, Moncton News, My Views, Political Views

Why can the Americans get the H1N1 shot before the Canadians?  Shouldn’t all of the vaccination be ready for everyone?  I was watching the news tonight they were saying that they have the H1N1 vaccination is ready for the American population.  Well that baffles my mind, because they are still saying that it won’t be ready for the Canadians until approximately the end of November.  So the question is, why isn’t it ready for us? 

We always hear of the Americans making fun of us Canadians and well you know what it pisses me off, but really they have a right to.  As a Country we definitely don’t take care of one another.  Can you imagine that we are the main distributor of potatoes but we send all the good ones to the America!  That’s right we will settle for the starchy ones.  We will eat the left overs and send off all the good ones across the lines.  Same goes for oil.  We loose all of are men to the west coast so that they can “bring home the bacon,” and yet we are sending our wealth to the states, then they send it back and charge us an arm and leg for gas and it is something we supplied them with.  Crazy!!

So when they make fun and say we are an uneducated people, well how smart is it to  leave our own behind.  Shouldn’t we be taking care of our own country first and because we have an abundance then we sell to the Americans.  We shouldn’t be selling it to them so that they can jack the prices and sell it back to us.  How dumb is this?  Let me know your feedback!

A song that I really enjoy is called Oh Canada by Classified.  Listen to the lyrics.  An East coast group that got it right.  You’ll catch yourself bobbing your head.

Marilyn Manson and the H1N1 Hits Moncton

October 01, 2009 By: Lynn Category: Feelings, Frustrated, Health, Moncton News, Political Views

Just this weekend we had Marilyn Manson in our city of Moncton, New Brunswick; only to find out that they were hiding the crucial information that he has the pandemic virus H1N1.  Honestly this story baffles my mind.   So invite death into our community, we paid for death to come into our community. 

How dare the health department allow Marilyn Manson to come here.  There was a picture in our local news paper the Times & Transcript with a descriptive quote, “Marilyn Manson spews liquid from his mouth after taking a drink from a beer bottle as he performs at the Moncton Coliseum, Saturday night on tour in support of The High End of Low, his seventh studio album.” 

I know that if you have the symptoms for the H1N1 it is either bad enough that you have already been hospitalized or you are quarantined to your house and bedroom for that matter because you are that sick.  So should the mayor of our city be telling us that he is trying to decrease our population.  Shouldn’t we be told that he wants some of us dead?  Our city just PAID for the H1N1 to come to here.  Isn’t that special!!!! 

There is no vaccine availableuntil late November, so all those people who think that it was a thrill to have received his spew all over them, may have just received the virus.  And they paid for it!!  What is this world coming to?  Where was the health department on this issue?

I am not a hater of Marilyn Manson be any means, for sure I think that he is a strange character, but I do catch myself bobbing my head when the song Beautiful People comes on.

As a community, city, country why aren’t we protecting each other?  If the doubt was even an issue that he had this virus why wasn’t a leash put on his concert until he was cleared.  It seems as though this is all about who’s who.  The social rankings of society, whose family member has to die to realize that as a community we all have to stand behind one another.  You’re wealth means nothing when you are on your death bed.  The money that this concert may or may not have made means nothing if you just wiped out the population of people who just went to that concert.  Just to say a name like Marilyn Manson came to our city. 

Don’t invite the pandemic virus H1N1 to our province let alone pay for it.  We wouldn’t invite a pedophile to our community.  The health department should have put a stop to this, and if they even had the slightest inkling of this knowledge it should have been nipped in the butt before a contract was ever signed.  What do you think of this issue?  Where you at the concert?

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