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Euthanasia ~ Helping Someone Die ~ What’s Your View On Assisted Suicide?

January 13, 2012 By: Lynn Category: My Views

Euthanatia and helping someone die.  What is your view on assisted suicide?

I actually have three conflicting views on this subject.  First and foremost I was brought up by a minister as a father.  I was brought up to believe that suicide is a sin and that it is the same thing as murder, except murder to yourself and in the end, come judgement time, standing in front of Lord that  it will not be justifyable.  No matter what good works that you have done in your life murder is murder unless you repent your sins, and obviously you can’t do that if you are dead.

The second view that I have comes soley from the fact that I work part time at a nursing home.  I personally see the pain and suffering that some of these people go through.  Whether it be cancer, old age, diseases or the lack of  being able to do anything on their own anymore.  As much as I preserve their dignity and comfort, sometimes it is a shame to see someone just waiting for the, “final stretch.”  Knowing that they are there just waiting to die.  A Lot of the time once they get into a nursing facility, their family forgets about them.  Out of sight equals out of mind.  We become their family.  So to see a grown man who once use to be spry and now is wearing incontinent products and sleeping all the time because he would rather be dead then have people see how down hill he has become, makes me second guess and question my first view.  Why does there have to be so much pain and agony?  Why can’t we go when time feels right.  When we have lived life to it’s fullest?  I mean we have been lifelong tax-payers, we have contributed to society, we have raised a family and at times our children’s children.  They have been married for more years then a 100 people as the national average of marriage.  When is enough, enough?

My third view on suicide as a whole; I believe that it is a cop out.  It upsets me when I have heard of someone committing suicide.  It is a selfish undertaking that not only kills the killer but it also, changes and sometimes kills the family and friends associated with them.  It is never just about the person that kills himself, everyone linked to them is affected and brought down with the narrow mentality of the person that is selfishly taking their life.

So for me, I am very conflicted with this topic.  I think that with the assistance of a professional, family consent and depending on the circumstance then the conversation of euthanasia could be discussed if not religiously bonding.  It’s hard to know that someone, ever so ill can not be helped.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem like a natural death is the right choice.

What is your view on euthanasia?  Do you have conflicting beliefs on this subject?  Do you think that euthanasia is any different then murder?  Or do you think of euthanasia as more of a mercy death?  Share your thoughts with me!!

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Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

December 18, 2011 By: Lynn Category: Controversial, My Views, Political Views, Religious Beliefs

Does it really matter that much, whether or not someone says Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?  Does it really affect the end result of what they truly mean?

I find that some controversial sayings have become very petty in the last couple of years.  Personally, whether or not someone does not respond to me over the holidays, by saying Merry Christmas does not mean that they are any less in the spirit. 

I know that is has been a huge topic around here on whether employees can say Merry Christmas anymore because of the religious background behind it.  It has been debated that the government and retail industry are trying to do away with people saying it to consumers, because of one’s personal background and religious beliefs.  I think that this is ridiculous.  We need to remember the true meaning of Christmas.  We also have to remember that everyone has a different opinion, so we should be able to say what is fitting to our culture and not be judged.  It’s a personal belief.  It shouldn’t be about how someone else takes it or how it makes you feel.  Why should someone convert their views to cater to someone else?

Shouldn’t I be able to say Happy Kwanzaa, if that was the traditional holiday that I celebrate and you respond back to me Happy Holiday.  Shouldn’t we be able to respect one another?

Now I understand that the government are trying to use Happy Holidays as a standard, a generic saying if you must, so that there is no religion involved with it, but if you are that 85 years old man that has been saying Merry Christmas his whole life, then I do believe that he should have every right to feel disrespected when someone says to him that he shouldn’t say it anymore.  Is this new standard of us not responding Merry Christmas back to him, appropriate or fair?

I feel that as the holidays approach, we should all take a little more time to respect one another.  We need to remember that this season isn’t and shouldn’t be all about the merchandise, it’s about family and for a lot of people in the world Christmas is still about, Jesus’ birthday.  So even though you may not agree with my thoughts or someone else’s thoughts on the time of the year doesn’t mean that we should disrespect one another.

Do you believe that we need to do away with saying Merry Christmas?  Do you prefer Happy Holidays?  Perhaps you are a different religion, would it bother you not if someone wished you something that was not your religion?  Do you feel like you should have the right to say what you have grown up with, or do you feel like a generic saying for the world will makes things easier?  Share your thoughts!

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Is It Safe To Smoke Marijuana When Pregnant? Can It Hurt The Fetus/Baby?

December 09, 2011 By: Lynn Category: Bad Habits, Controversial, Health, My Views, Pregnancy

Do you think that it is safe to smoke marijuana while you are pregnant?  Can it hurt the infant or baby after birth? 

What do you think of this topic?  Do you think that there are long or short term affects to the fetus if you smoke marijuana when pregnant? Do you think that this is a critical time with the baby’s brain while in this developmental process.

There are ALOT of different views on this topic.  I was recently at a mom blog where she was discussing the pros and cons to smoking marijuana when pregnant and whether or not she felt that it was a safe practice.

I personally, am not a cigarette smoker, do not do drugs, and rarely drink.  I PERSONALLY find fault with anyone doing drugs while being pregnant.  This is my PERSONAL opinion.  I think that if it can slow down your brain function and your ability to be focused when you are not pregnant then I believe that in some way or another it can jeopardize the health of your fetus and in turn your infant.

I do believe that smoking marijuana is an addiction.  I believe that it is as addicting as smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol.  I also believe that it is not safe for the baby

There is a TON of research that supports women smoking marijuana while being pregnant, with equal views, if not more, apposing the findings of such individuals or groups that agree with such beliefs.  A lot of people think that because you can grow marijuana or are in the possession of cannabis and that it is part of God’s green land that it makes it organically good for you, like the obvious dill, parsley and other known plants that you would grow in a herb garden.  But, as organic as it may be or as positive for your health as it may be, it is not allowing the brain to communicate well enough with the body to receive pain signals.  That is the reason it is often prescribed by a physician for the chronically ill.  It is not rare that someone going through cancer, or has been severely hurt with underlying pain or a medical conditions are smoking pot.  It helps to elevate the pressure.  It helps to maintain the pain by stunning the pain signals going to the brain.  For the moment it is making you feel relaxed.  But when using all the time it ups the anti, you need more of it, more often.  And in turn a normal person is categorized as a stoners.   But, whatever the positive aspects of marijuana is, it most definitely influences brain function.

So if this is what it is doing to a regular person then what can we expect it to be doing to a fetus.  A child growing in us?  If a fetus is receiving all of the nutrients through the mother’s diet and life through the mother’s umbilical cord, then wouldn’t the fetus be getting some of this marijuana as well?

You can go to online forums and find many mothers bragging about the benefits they received while pregnant smoking marijuana ei, better appetite, decreased nausea, less stress.

It is not healing you of anything, it is limiting brain communication with the body.

Whether your pregnancy is planned or not, it doesn’t and shouldn’t matter; motherhood does not begin at the birth, it begins as soon as we get pregnant.

What do you think of women smoking marijuana when pregnant?  Do you think that it affects the fetus?  Do you consider it do be a positive thing because of it being organic and in turn can reverse some of the negative side affects of pregnancy?  Do you know anyone that has smoked marijuana while pregnant?  Would you or have you ever done it?

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