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Is It Safe To Smoke Marijuana When Pregnant? Can It Hurt The Fetus/Baby?

December 09, 2011 By: Lynn Category: Bad Habits, Controversial, Health, My Views, Pregnancy

Do you think that it is safe to smoke marijuana while you are pregnant?  Can it hurt the infant or baby after birth? 

What do you think of this topic?  Do you think that there are long or short term affects to the fetus if you smoke marijuana when pregnant? Do you think that this is a critical time with the baby’s brain while in this developmental process.

There are ALOT of different views on this topic.  I was recently at a mom blog where she was discussing the pros and cons to smoking marijuana when pregnant and whether or not she felt that it was a safe practice.

I personally, am not a cigarette smoker, do not do drugs, and rarely drink.  I PERSONALLY find fault with anyone doing drugs while being pregnant.  This is my PERSONAL opinion.  I think that if it can slow down your brain function and your ability to be focused when you are not pregnant then I believe that in some way or another it can jeopardize the health of your fetus and in turn your infant.

I do believe that smoking marijuana is an addiction.  I believe that it is as addicting as smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol.  I also believe that it is not safe for the baby

There is a TON of research that supports women smoking marijuana while being pregnant, with equal views, if not more, apposing the findings of such individuals or groups that agree with such beliefs.  A lot of people think that because you can grow marijuana or are in the possession of cannabis and that it is part of God’s green land that it makes it organically good for you, like the obvious dill, parsley and other known plants that you would grow in a herb garden.  But, as organic as it may be or as positive for your health as it may be, it is not allowing the brain to communicate well enough with the body to receive pain signals.  That is the reason it is often prescribed by a physician for the chronically ill.  It is not rare that someone going through cancer, or has been severely hurt with underlying pain or a medical conditions are smoking pot.  It helps to elevate the pressure.  It helps to maintain the pain by stunning the pain signals going to the brain.  For the moment it is making you feel relaxed.  But when using all the time it ups the anti, you need more of it, more often.  And in turn a normal person is categorized as a stoners.   But, whatever the positive aspects of marijuana is, it most definitely influences brain function.

So if this is what it is doing to a regular person then what can we expect it to be doing to a fetus.  A child growing in us?  If a fetus is receiving all of the nutrients through the mother’s diet and life through the mother’s umbilical cord, then wouldn’t the fetus be getting some of this marijuana as well?

You can go to online forums and find many mothers bragging about the benefits they received while pregnant smoking marijuana ei, better appetite, decreased nausea, less stress.

It is not healing you of anything, it is limiting brain communication with the body.

Whether your pregnancy is planned or not, it doesn’t and shouldn’t matter; motherhood does not begin at the birth, it begins as soon as we get pregnant.

What do you think of women smoking marijuana when pregnant?  Do you think that it affects the fetus?  Do you consider it do be a positive thing because of it being organic and in turn can reverse some of the negative side affects of pregnancy?  Do you know anyone that has smoked marijuana while pregnant?  Would you or have you ever done it?

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Perimenopause vs. Menopause ~ The Signs & Symptoms

November 09, 2011 By: Lynn Category: Health

Perimenopause also known as pre-menopause is not a commonly recognized by doctors.  Perimenopause’s signs and symptoms can start in your mid 30’s to your early 40’s.  You may be going through the signs and symptoms and not even realize that you are suffering from them.

Since having my daughter 6 years ago, my girlfriends at work often laugh at me because on a number of occasions I say that I am going through menopause.  I  have hot flashes ALL the time and crazy anxiety attacks.  I don’t really believe that I am suffering from menopause, but knowing that hot flashes are associated with menapause as a common sign I just call it what it is.  Doing a little research I came across a number of articles that discussed perimenopause.  The symptoms were what I was physically going though.  Perimenopause really hit all the signs on the head.  Now, I am only 32, I have had two children and personally I know, that I am just a raging hormonal woman, BUT I do find this topic very interesting and thought that it deserves a little recognition.

Perimenopause is usually very vague symptoms that you may be feeling.  It is often symptomatic of hormonal imbalance and fluctuations.  In many ways it is the flip side of puberty and like in puberty, perimenopause is when our hormones fluctuate far more than they do during less “eventful” years.  Just because it is not full blown menopause does not make this issue any less important.  What you are going through is very important.

As women, we relying on our menstrual cycle, and however annoying it is, we need it.  It is very important to us.  Our period is like a vital sign.  What can effect your period from changing; pregnancy, and a thyroid problem, but no matter what, whenever there is something wrong with our period it is usually a health issue.  There are about 15% of women that go through menopause without any problems but the majority of women do suffer some form of serious symptoms.

These are some of the signs of perimenopause

  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Weigh Gain Around The Middle Section
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Hot Flashes
  • Anxiety Or Depression
  • Changes in Your mood
  • Missed or Irregular Period (Menstrual Cycle) Or Spotted Period
  • Menstrual Migraines

If a woman is going through Pre-menopause then their estrogen, testosterone, or progesterone, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and luteinizing hormone (LH) is low or starting to drop.  One way you can try to treat it is with hormone replacement.   Other ways of reducing symptoms of perimenopause is through:

  • Hormonal Therapy
  • Low Dose Antidepressant
  • Yoga/Hypnosis/Exercise

It is also very important to know that you can still get pregnant through perimenopause, this is still a critical time with your body.  If you are still ovulating then the baby making chance is still there.  To be happy and learn to live with perimenopause it is a good idea to have a deliberate diet, enjoyable exercise, rest and relaxation, herbs and nutrients targeted to hormonal balance, and solid emotional support.  Lot’s of support.  We can be irrational sometimes.  LOL

Not every treatment works.  You have to know your body, and if your doctor is dismissive then you should find another doctor.  This is a serious problem with some women.  You have the right to know how to respond and react to this issue.

Are you or someone you know going through this battle?  What do you do to maintain your sanity?  How long have you been experiencing the signs and symptoms of Perimenopause?

I found this book called Perimenopause–Preparing for the Change, Revised 2nd Edition: A Guide to the Early Stages of Menopause and Beyond, on Amazon and paid $1.00 for it.  It is a fantastic read!  To order one yourself press on the link provided above.


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Support Prostate Cancer Research, Grow A Moustache For Movember

November 01, 2011 By: Lynn Category: Family, Health, Moncton News, National News

November is the official month for Movember, AKA Mo Month.  This yearly tradition is to support Prostate Cancer Research Awareness.  The chief goal is to start the month of November off with a clean shaven face and to just let the “stache”, moustache grow until the end of the month.

What is Prostate Cancer? 

Prostate cancer is cancer that occurs in a man’s prostate — a small walnut-shaped gland that produces the seminal fluid that nourishes and transports sperm.

Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in men.  Prostate cancer usually grows slowly and initially remains confined to the prostate gland, where it may not cause serious harm.  While some types of prostate cancer grows slowly and may need minimal or no treatment, other types are aggressive and can spread quickly.

Prostate cancer that is detected early — when it’s still confined to the prostate gland — has a better chance of successful treatment.

Where is the prostate and prostate cancer located?


How old should you be when you start getting your prostate checked?

A man should have his prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level checked if he has any of the warning signs of prostate cancer.

  1. A change in urination patterns lasting longer then two weeks.
  2. Frequent urination (especially at night).
  3. Persistent pain in the back, hip, pelvis or thighs.
  4. Burning sensation during urination.
  5. Inability to urinate or difficulty starting urination.
  6. Weak or interrupted urine flow.
  7. Painful urination.

Your chance of getting prostate cancer may be affected by your:

  • Age ~ Being 50 or older increases your chance of prostate cancer.
  • Race ~ Prostate cancer is most common among African men.
  • Family history ~ If your grandfather, father or brother has had prostate cancer, you are more likely to have it too.
  •  Diet ~ Eating high-fat food with few fruits and vegetables may increase your chance of having prostate cancer.

Early Detection of Prostate cancer often does not cause symptoms.

How often should I get checked? 

There is significant controversy over when, and even if a man should have his PSA level checked when he has none of these symptoms.  Respected expects disagree widely over the tests use.  All men should be tested first at no later then 40.  After the initial prostate screening, the frequency of future testing should be discussed with your physician.  If your grandfather, father, brother or uncle has been diagnosed with prostate cancer then you should start PSA screening at age 30-35. 

Movember acknowledges the sprouting of thousands of moustaches on men in Canada and around the world.  With their “Mo’s”, these men raise money for prostate cancer research  through many different organizations.  These donations are vital to maintaining awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer.

On the first of November, the guys register at Movember.com with a clean shaven face.  These “Mo’s Bros”, groom, trim and wax their way to the perfect stache.  It is the annals of fine moustachery.  Supported by the women in their lives, are Mo Sistas.  Movember’s Mo Bros raise funds by seeking out sponsorship for their Mo-growing efforts throughout their community.

These gentlemen become walking, talking, billboards for the 30 days of November for Prostate Cancer Awareness.  Through their actions and words, they raise awareness by talking about a subject that a lot of men feel ashamed by.  This can be an ignored topic that Movember has taken the taboo and shame out of. 

At the end of the month, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas celebrate their achievements by either throwing  their own Movember party or attend one of the Gala Parties held around the world by Movember, for Movember.

The Movember Effect: Awareness & Education, Survivorship, Research

Prostate Cancer is the number one cancer in males is Canada.  The funds raised help with the research of this ever growing disease.

The funds raised are directed to programs run directly by Movember and men’s health partner, Prostate Cancer Canada. Together, the two channels work together to ensure that Movemberfunds are supporting a broad range of innovative, world-class programs in line with our strategic goals in the areas of awareness and education, survivorship and research.

In 2010, nearly 119,000 Canadian Mo Bros and Mo Sistas got on board, raising $22.3 million CAD.

Via the moustache, Movember aims to fulfill its vision of having an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health by continuing to spark conversation and spread awareness of men’s health each year.

If you know of someone that has prostate cancer or has the chance of being a host to this disease in your family, start the discussion.  There is no reason that this has to be a silent killer.  We can work together by keeping the conversation of prostate cancer going, by raising awareness, to this ever rising disease.  If detected early the consequences don’t have to be so harsh.  We don’t need to loose a friend or a loved one to a disease that can be caught and hopefully treated.  Let’s keep this discussion going, talk to you brother, father, husband.  Support Movember this November!!

Do you know someone that takes part in this great cause?  Do you know someone that has had prostate cancer and has beat the odds?  What can you do to help keep this discussion going?  Can you be part of the change?

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