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Is Chivalry Dead?

September 19, 2011 By: Lynn Category: Bad Habits, Discipline, Our Children

Is chivalry dead?  I have a bone to pick with people of the year 2011, I find that there are no manners anymore.  If you actually think about it,  I have observed that people rarely care about others anymore?

Aren’t we encouraging our children to be respectful people of our society?  I know that when I go anywhere it’s very rare that you get a thank you when you open the door for someone anymore.  It’s very rare that you get a wave if you stop for someone to cross the street.  It’s very rare that you get someone to ask if you need help when your arms are full, or someone to go out of their way to hold the door open when a senior needs help.  Why is this so rare?  Weren’t we all brought up with manners and character? 

I remember being scolded if I didn’t treat someone with respect.  I know as a young person we were instilled to treat adults with respect.  Well there isn’t any respect anymore.  People are too busy to give a crap about others.   Do you think that this is what is wrong with our every so growing population, that we are just too busy?  I am not even putting young people in this category, older people are of equal blame. 

It shocks me that I am trying to teach my daughter such manageable, and expected standards of life, and yet people walk around belching and swearing like it is a new way to breath.  It’s hard to make excuses for such a disgusting habitat that we are living in.

What’s your take?  Do you believe that we are too busy?  Do you believe that we are missing something at home?  All I know, is that next time you go out, be conscious of who is or isn’t saying please and thank you.  Are you part of the problem?

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Lending Money Out, I Need To Learn To Say No

August 28, 2011 By: Lynn Category: Bad Habits, Discipline, Feelings, Frustrated, My Husband, My Views

I have a BIG problem!!  I am the one and only  person that I know to sabotage my own happiness.  I let people walk all over me not intentionally and in turn I get hurt and it’s no-body’s fault but my own.  I lend money out, and I need to learn to say no. Do you have a problem saying no to people?

My husband is always saying that I have a lot of bark at home but no bite with my friends or family.  On a regular basis whether I am busy or can’t do something, I seem to always find ways to rearrange my time and schedule to help someone in need;  in turn always get screwed over in the end.

Have you ever loaned someone money when you really don’t have enough to lend and are promised the money back in a speeding time and then either never get it back or there are 100 and 1 reasons that they just can’t get it back to you until next pay then you still don’t get it. Or they forget to pay you back? Who forgets to pay somebody back money? Makes no sense, but that is what happens to me.  And I have no courage to ask for the money back, because in my mind they don’t need the extra stress on there shoulders of me asking for my money back.  I just don’t want to cause anyone distress.  Yet, it causes me all the stress in the world.

I am maternity leave right now, and anyone that has been on unemployment insurance know that you hardly make any money, so it’s harder budgeting and in turn extra money kicking around isn’t in the books.  But I still seem to help people.  And for every $20-$100 dollars that I’ve got floating around out there is another dollar that I would have to enjoy time with my children or buy the essentials of life.

Do you have anyone out there that owes you money?  How would you resolve the situation without looking like you are broke and need the money back or making the borrower feel stressed about giving you the money back that they may not have?  I need your help!

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Sexting, How Is That Even Cool?

February 09, 2010 By: Lynn Category: Ashamed, Controversial, Discipline, Family, Frustrated, Health, Love, Marriage, Our Children, Parenting, Relationships, Sex

So it is a rampant new habit that young people, mostly young women are doing called sexting, which is taking a picture of themselves nude and sending it around from their cell phone to young gentlemen (I use that word loosely) to try to coerce the young men into liking her with the possibility of having oral or sexual intercourse.  My question is sexting, really, how is that even cool?

Traditionally, our age range, would have engaged in phone sex which is talking smut on the phone, well we thought that this concept was awkward and strange, but sending nude pictures around for the world to see, seems to me a bit brazen.  Really once she presses send, it is a free for all, you don’t know who is going to have access to that picture.

My next question is why do all these young people need access to all of this technology?  Why do young people need cell phones?  When I was younger I didn’t have a cell phone and my parents knew where I was every waking minute.  In my generation parents spoke to one another, where there was a role model around to watch what we were in to and what we were doing.  It would be easy for me to verbally bash these parents that are not instilling any morals or self restraint.  But I won’t go there right now.  Young boys are experimental, they are creatures with wondering minds. 


So then what is going on with our girls?  When did sexting become cool?  Where are these girls at in their mind, to be able to get naked for a BOY that they don’t even know?  Who is taking these pictures of them?

Why don’t any of these girls have any self confidence?  Because in my mind any young woman that is taking a nude picture of themselves to gain respect and attention of a hormonal boy, is ridiculous.

Now it’s the parents turn… WHERE ARE YOU?  Why aren’t you monitoring the actions of your children?  Your sons are soliciting young girls and your daughter is becoming a prostitute in training.  All because they are missing and craving, your attention!  So, WHERE ARE YOU?  Too busy, with work and everything else that is going on with your life.  Well, your daughter is about to send a nude picture to the phone world, and I am sure that every boy in the school is going to see it.  Is that want you want for them.   Is that what you envisioned for them when they grew up.  But whatever right, you bought them everything they need to keep their impressionable minds busy.  Have you talked to them about safe sex yet?  Oh, wait, your child isn’t sexually active.  Well, let me give you a rude awakening, young people are starting to have sex at the age of 12.  A handful are sexually active children are starting to have sex at the age of 9.  THAT IS CRAZY!  But hey you can get a hold of them because you bought them a cell phone.  Right?

We the parents are the root of the problem.  Young people are blaming home life, they have no respect for their parents because they are not actively involved in their children’s lives, divorces are giving them the excuse that if their parents don’t have respect for love and a marriage then why should they have respect for any woman.  In their eyes a woman is an object, a disposable object.

“Take heed and beware of covetousness, for a man’s life consists not in the abundance of things that he possess’.”  Luke 12:15-16

Meaning, it is not what you are buying your children that should matter in your life it should be the time you’re putting in.  It is our responsibility to mold our children not with Wii games, but with love and morals.  It is our avocation to protect them, to provide them with standards and principle’s which do not come naturally to them.

So when it becomes your time to buy your young person a cell phone, remember the dangers that you could be putting them in. 

Do you know someone that participates in sexting?  What do you think of the ever growing subject?  Do you think that this is a dangerous way to show love?  Sexting, how is that even cool?

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