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Two Peas In A Pod ~ It’s Called A Game Of Monkey See, Monkey Do

January 14, 2010 By: Lynn Category: Child Care, Family, My Daughter, Our Children, Parenting, Relationships

If you have children that are over the age of three, you know that they pick up so many sayings and gestures that belong to their parents, that you sometimes say to yourself, “I can’t believe that I made that.”

When bragging about my daughter, I am usually saying it because I am baffled that they are smart enough, at their awkward age to absorb so much.

Things that I get a kick out of are usually small thing to be honest with you.  How they know their phone number, how they understand the family tree.   Now this one, is a big one for me.  The family tree, think about it.  If they are lucky enough to have multiple grandparents then, just know who belongs to whom, is crazy.  Like she knows that my parents have a whole bunch of kids and that they are my brother and sisters, then she knows that my husbands parents have children, then she knows that my sibling have children and that they are her cousins, then she knows that my parents have sibling, the cycle goes on.  That is a lot of information for a little person.  It’s fascinating!!

So my brother’s daughter came to spend the night last night.  She is three, going on four very shortly, and the way that these two girls communicate with one another, is crazy.

They are little women.  They mimic everything that we as parents say to them.  The girls were playing with dolls, you know, being mothers and my word they are hilarious. 

You know alot of the time it seems as though they are not listening to us, but let me tell you, they most certainly are. 

They scold their doll appropriately, they speak to on another with manners, respect, love and compassion.

So, next time your are sitting around and your children are playing, take a minute to see what we are molding into our society.  It truly is beautiful!!

Monkey see, monkey do, let’s make sure we are providing our children with positive clues.

Do you have an example of a scenario that your children may have acted out that made you smile with disbelief?

How To Treat A High Fever In A Child (H1N1) Style

November 06, 2009 By: Lynn Category: Child Care, Family, Feelings, Health, My Daughter, My Husband, Our Children, Parenting

Bored Woman

I am writing this post because I want to share how to treat a high fever for a child that is sick or has H1N1 and yet so unmotivated to write anything right now. 

Recently our laptop crashed and I have been waiting for that to get fixed, as the weeks go by, so does my enthusiasm.  I really enjoy just laying on the couch, with my feet up, Pepsi in hand, ready to write.  It seems to me that at the time I have lots to say, but not so much when I have to sit at the computer desk and focus!!  That is my daughters favorite thing to say, “focus daddy, I need you to listen to me.”  “What you’re doing isn’t as important as what I have to say to you.”  Father, “what do you need to say to me?”  Daughter, “well nothing really, I just want you to listen to me.”  Cracks me up every time.  A little woman in the making.

So the biggest thing in our house is my husbands fear that we will get the H1N1 virus.  That is all and well, but it has gotten a little over board.  We aren’t around anyone and yet, sterilize your hands, sterilize your hands. 

Purell and I have become secret lovers!!  I’m pretty sure that people wonder if I have become a secret alcoholic…..with hand sanitizer!!  What’s that smell on you Lynn, let me smell your breath.   No joke, it’s really bad!  He has become OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), I wish he felt this passionate about cleaning.  Mess is bad, mess is bad.  Would that make me wake up with a smile everyday!  And if it was his new found passion then I would sanitize as much as he wanted!!

So in our province the swine flu also know as H1N1 has been a prevalent virus in and around our community.  I am so happy that my daughter is not in school yet.  We all know that children are a factor in the spread of germs, and for the most part, the number one carrier in the spread of sickness. You can’t help but want to give your child extra love and affection when they are sick.  But children can be dirty little critters.  They put everything in their mouth, and touch everything!!  It’s not their fault though, they are just curious.  So when this outbreak began, we were even more aware of what our daughter was doing with her hands and where they were going.


When people speak of the H1N1 they talk about how intense the fever is.  I have been told that it is very hard to control and/or break.  So I asked my doctor and I thought that I would post what she said and if you are having a hard time with your method maybe you can take a couple of pointers from here.

1) Remove any excess clothing or blankets from the child.   They should wear one layer of thin clothing, and use a single blanket for sleeping.

2) Place the child in a cool room.  Turn up the air conditioning if possible or turn a fan on the child.

3) Administer either acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Children’s Advil), for fever in children old enough to take this medication.  Acetaminophen is not recommended for children under three months, and ibuprofen is not recommended for children under six months.

4) Bath the child in a lukewarm bath.  Avoid bath water that is too cold, or alcohol rubs, as they will cause the child to shiver.  This will raise the child’s core body temperature, adding to the problem. 

5) Be aware that fevers are the result of both minor illnesses and serious infections.  Because it can often be hard to distinguish between the two, children with fevers should be brought to their pediatrician/doctor to be examined in many cases. Children less than three months old with a fever greater than 100.4 degrees, and children of any age with a fever greater than 105 degrees, should be seen by a doctor.

6 ) You also need  to keep your child from becoming dehydrated.  We lose extra water from the skin and lungs during a fever.

7) Encourage the child to drink clear fluids such as non-carbonated drinks without caffeine or juice (not water). Water does not contain the necessary electrolytes and glucose.  Other clear fluids are chicken soup, Pedialyte, and other rehydrating drinks available at your grocery or drug store.

Tea should not be given because it, like any caffeine-containing product, causes you to lose water through urination and may contribute to dehydration.

Your child should urinate light-colored urine at least every four hours if well hydrated.

Although this is a very stressful time for a lot of people I hope that this will help you and if you have any ideas please let me know also.  I know that my daughter had a virus two years ago, my husband I were so concerned about her, we went to the emergency room.  She was so sick, and her fever was so high.  Has your child ever had a fever so high that it scared you?  Share your story!!  Good luck!

Tempertantrums…..What To Do?

October 01, 2009 By: Lynn Category: Child Care, Discipline, My Daughter, My Husband, Our Children, Parenting

If you have a child what do you do about temper tantrums?  I know that having a child you have to deal with all the crazy personality crisis’ that they have, but as we all say, our children seem to be a little bit smarter than we want to give them credit for.  She is a professional with playing her father and I.  If her father says no then she comes to me with the hopes that we have not spoke to on another and that I will say yes.  I do recall playing this game as well with my siblings but not at her age. 

Our family lives in a french community and we are English.  So that means that when she goes to school next year she will be going to a french school (hopefully).  I am extremely happy about this, since we are living in a bilingual society.

We have had different views from people; we will dramatize her is one, but I believe that she is too young to remember, they are sponges, but the majority say that it is wonderful.  I agree!  It will be wonderful………wouldn’t it be just like a grown-up going to a foreign country?  They would have to take their dictionary from whatever culture that they are going into and have to learn to adapt.  Every now and then they will find a nice person that can speak a bit of their language and have a breath a sigh of relief.  But see our daughter will be coming home every day.  So we aren’t throwing her to the wolves.

So my husband was called by the school and told that he is going to have to teach her some basics so that we aren’t throwing her into a sea of sharks.   Great, that’s fine.  Do you think that her know it all personality will allow him to guide her?  Absolutely not, she knows it all. 

Regardless my husband was going over words with our daughter and she didn’t want to do it anymore (after 10 minutes) so she had a hissyfit…..the kind of  hissyfit that sounds like we are murdering her.  The windows were open, well they are shut now….murder, bloody murder, for what, because she didn’t want to say words anymore.  So my husband did what any responsible parent should do and put her on a timeout.  Her room for 10 minutes, for the amount of crocodile tears that she maintained for that ten minutes, made me want to crawl in a box.  The noise that she makes is unbelievable.  Out of that little body…….

I know that we all face problems like this…..but really how is it that they have gotten smarter than our generation.   How do you deal with your child’s hissyfits?  Are you a time out kind of parent?

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