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Sexting, How Is That Even Cool?

February 09, 2010 By: Lynn Category: Ashamed, Controversial, Discipline, Family, Frustrated, Health, Love, Marriage, Our Children, Parenting, Relationships, Sex

So it is a rampant new habit that young people, mostly young women are doing called sexting, which is taking a picture of themselves nude and sending it around from their cell phone to young gentlemen (I use that word loosely) to try to coerce the young men into liking her with the possibility of having oral or sexual intercourse.  My question is sexting, really, how is that even cool?

Traditionally, our age range, would have engaged in phone sex which is talking smut on the phone, well we thought that this concept was awkward and strange, but sending nude pictures around for the world to see, seems to me a bit brazen.  Really once she presses send, it is a free for all, you don’t know who is going to have access to that picture.

My next question is why do all these young people need access to all of this technology?  Why do young people need cell phones?  When I was younger I didn’t have a cell phone and my parents knew where I was every waking minute.  In my generation parents spoke to one another, where there was a role model around to watch what we were in to and what we were doing.  It would be easy for me to verbally bash these parents that are not instilling any morals or self restraint.  But I won’t go there right now.  Young boys are experimental, they are creatures with wondering minds. 


So then what is going on with our girls?  When did sexting become cool?  Where are these girls at in their mind, to be able to get naked for a BOY that they don’t even know?  Who is taking these pictures of them?

Why don’t any of these girls have any self confidence?  Because in my mind any young woman that is taking a nude picture of themselves to gain respect and attention of a hormonal boy, is ridiculous.

Now it’s the parents turn… WHERE ARE YOU?  Why aren’t you monitoring the actions of your children?  Your sons are soliciting young girls and your daughter is becoming a prostitute in training.  All because they are missing and craving, your attention!  So, WHERE ARE YOU?  Too busy, with work and everything else that is going on with your life.  Well, your daughter is about to send a nude picture to the phone world, and I am sure that every boy in the school is going to see it.  Is that want you want for them.   Is that what you envisioned for them when they grew up.  But whatever right, you bought them everything they need to keep their impressionable minds busy.  Have you talked to them about safe sex yet?  Oh, wait, your child isn’t sexually active.  Well, let me give you a rude awakening, young people are starting to have sex at the age of 12.  A handful are sexually active children are starting to have sex at the age of 9.  THAT IS CRAZY!  But hey you can get a hold of them because you bought them a cell phone.  Right?

We the parents are the root of the problem.  Young people are blaming home life, they have no respect for their parents because they are not actively involved in their children’s lives, divorces are giving them the excuse that if their parents don’t have respect for love and a marriage then why should they have respect for any woman.  In their eyes a woman is an object, a disposable object.

“Take heed and beware of covetousness, for a man’s life consists not in the abundance of things that he possess’.”  Luke 12:15-16

Meaning, it is not what you are buying your children that should matter in your life it should be the time you’re putting in.  It is our responsibility to mold our children not with Wii games, but with love and morals.  It is our avocation to protect them, to provide them with standards and principle’s which do not come naturally to them.

So when it becomes your time to buy your young person a cell phone, remember the dangers that you could be putting them in. 

Do you know someone that participates in sexting?  What do you think of the ever growing subject?  Do you think that this is a dangerous way to show love?  Sexting, how is that even cool?

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Nick Gaines Photographer From Riverview N.B. & Creator Of 1111 Faces ~ A Racist Or A Discriminating Lier?

January 11, 2010 By: Lynn Category: Ashamed, Controversial, Feelings, Frustrated, Moncton News, My Views


Is Nick Gaines, from Riverview New Brunswick, creator of 1111 Faces on Facebook a racist?  Or is he just as bad by discriminating against one of our local volunteer firefighters?

Recently, there was a contest on FACEBOOK, for 1111Faces by Nick Gaines.  This young fellow from Moncton was going around and taking pictures of random people for a small price and it was advertised in this group.  At the end of the event there would be a gala to follow.  The FACEBOOK world had the opportunity to vote on the picture that they liked the most from each group of 100, to vi for the title of soul picture. 

At the end of the 1111 pictures taken, there were 11 pictures to vote to be #1 as well, as having their picture profiled at a Gala that was held at the Vie last night.

A aquaintance of mine was in that photo gallery, he was the runner up to the main winner of the exhibition.  He came in second place by five votes.  These two pictures had the most then anyone in the entire competition!! 

Upon entering the Gala last night, this aquaintance of mine not only found out that he wasn’t one of the large pictures, he was a two by two in a collage of 1100 other pictures.

My aquaintance who was representing his fire department in the picture, was simple told that his picture wasn’t put up because it wasn’t  popularity contest.

This is coming from the same man, Nick Gaines whom was telling all his friends who he wanted them to vote for.  And yet, this firefighter, was just made to believe that he wasn’t important.

Now, I look at it from another angle, this aquaintance of mine is Mulatto, mixed race, is Nick Gaines a racist?  There were no pictures of black people up, there were no pictures of anyone with a mixed looking background.  Now yes, I know that everyone is mixed in one way or another, but why would the one mixed person, be denied of his brilliant picture.  The same picture that the FACEBOOK world voted on?

At one point this young fellow was in first place, and then Nick decided that thanks to the comments made by people on Moncton Blogger   Nick would validate himself by resetting the votes to zero again.

All 10 pictures were at that Gala and yet this firefighters picture was not!!  Some of these 10 pictures didn’t even have one vote and yet they were there in large format to represent their accomplishments.  AND YET the second runner up did not have his picture displayed, because Nick said so.  How can he change the rules after the contest is over?

Let’s not let this victim of Nick Gaines not go unnoticed!!  Nick told this man that his picture would be there, as a large picture on the wall to recognize his wonderful work, and this fire-fighter’s accomplishments on a job well done, instead he took this mans picture off and put up more of his friends.


And all Nick Gaines can say is well, “the rules changed, I decided that I didn’t want it to be a popularity contest.”

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