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What Is The Fascination With Public Toilets?

September 11, 2011 By: Lynn Category: Annoying Traits, Bad Habits, My Daughter, Pet Peeves, Simple Humour

What Is The Fascination With Public Toilets?  I find myself giggling while writing this post because it is such an every-other-day occurrence.  My daughter LOVES and I can’t even stress that enough…..loves public toilets. 

We aren’t in a store very long before she starts to do the pee dance.  She longs to go into public washrooms.  I’m not quite sure what her fascination is with them but she just can’t help herself.

Personally, I think that it is massively annoying, especially considering that I have the baby now.  Before, it was mildly amusing simular to the article I wrote about , when my husband chews gum, and sneezes three times.  It’s strangely funny like that.

My daughter loves going to public toilets, if you want to see a child’s eyes light up, then you should know that she also loves port-a-potties.  Now mind you, I know you are reading this and you are probably saying to yourself, “do they really let her go to all these washrooms….all the time?”  Well, we don’t but the point is, when she even catches a glimpse of them, it’s like her radar goes into overload and she’s acts like a dog at a fire hydrant.

Anyways, as funny as it is, it’s still annoying.  *smirk*  Do you or someone you know have a fascination with public bathrooms?  Most people don’t want to go into them, but you haven’t met my daughter!! 

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Knit-Picky Bitches

January 12, 2010 By: Lynn Category: Annoying Traits, Family

Do you ever think to yourself that we women (if you’re not a woman, that’s ok…) are the best and worst creations.  We are the strangest beings; harbored and maintained by our hormones and sometimes our twisted minds.

I was in the grocery store today and I saw this woman who was a past acquaintance of my parents.  Well growing up, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this particular woman.  A part of me never felt settled being around her.  I felt she was phony to say the least.  I know that you my reader has had this feeling at one time or another.  So when my parents broke ties with this woman, I didn’t encounter any grave loss or sadness.  I just figured that maybe she will see that she can’t keep friends because she was fake and very comparable.

So in keeping with my parents, being uncomfortable and sustaining the, at odd feelings for this woman, I knew that if I had ever seen her I would dodge her.  You know the see each other, but stay at a distance, because you REALLY don’t want to talk to them.

Well, I saw this woman today, and guess what, I am not a child anymore, and it didn’t brother me.  Yes, on first glance, I would have hidden, but she saw me and there was nowhere to hide.  She approached me and to my surprise she wasn’t as shallow and self-absorbed as I remember. 

It was  a pleasant experience and it was nice catching up, but I know that if I went back and had the opportunity again I would still justify my actions by remembering the feelings I had for this woman in my youth.

It’s humorous how our opinion is one with our parents though.  How in such a short period of time our views on people, places and things can in an instant become so tainted.

Do you have someone from your past that you wouldn’t want to see?  Is there someone who you may have had a confrontation with and now the thought of seeing them makes your skin crawl?  Well I have a few of them……..

I'm Addicted To My Television

October 08, 2009 By: Lynn Category: Annoying Traits, Bad Habits, Pet Peeves

I don’t know about anyone else but I am so addicted to my television.  I am a a huge TV junky.  It’s to the point that Tuesdays and Thursdays stress me out because there are so many of “my” shows on at the same time. 

I watch everything, my TV day seems to start at about 1 in the afternoon.  I am however not glued to the TV at this time, I am still going about my daily life and still able to multi-task TV and house hold chores. 

I am absolutely a consumed by reality TV though.  I can’t get enough of them.  I watch them all;survivor, so you think you can dance, dancing with the stars, amazing race, bachelor, bachelorette, American idol, Canadian idol, big love and intertwined with the reality I watch 90210, Melrose place, law and order SVU, all the CSI’s, cold case and without a trace. 

I know what you are thinking, that’s a lot.  Just writing it down is quite overwhelming.  But I love TV……..


My husband is constantly on the computer and he isn’t really into too many of the shows that I like.  He thinks that they are a bit desperate and too girly for him.  But let me tell you as soon the music changes to a lower sexy music, he’s right on top of it.  He turns around so fast you would think his favorite fast food was in front of him.  Or the word sex, it’s like a radar, like a dog marking their territory in the park.  


So, when I am watching these showsmy husband turns around because they have earned his time.  If he hears a sexual word or hears that it is a fighting/sex scene he all of a sudden needs to ask questions about these shows. I think to myself, why do you really need to be caught up on the show when you don’t watch it.  Stop asking me questions…..my show is on and I am probably missing a good part.  It doesn’t matter, it’s not relevant to you, you don’t watch the show!  Just watch your making out scene (with the hopes that it might end up being a sex scene) and then go back to your computer.  Stop bothering me. lol

On the odd occasion he will end up sitting with me to watch a show, and then when it is over he will slither his way back to the computer and say that he just lost so much valuable time getting his work done……WHAT playing games, give me break.

I catch myself saying all the time, ”why did you stay up all night on the computer,” he responds, “because I can’t get any work done in the day”………….well stop playing games all day!  Really!  That seems easy enough.

I am also blessed and cursed at the same time.  See I have Bell TV, so that means it is feeding my addiction because I can pause live TV.  Can you picture it, I can pause my shows.  If I need to go to the bathroom, I can pause my show, or I can record more than one show at a time.  This is really a blessing for most, but it just encourages me to watch more TV, because really, I have absolutely no excuse to miss it.

So let me know what some of your favorite shows are?  I am sure we could talk about any of them.


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