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Ask A Mother

Hi Ladies (and Gents),

Ask a Mother’s Opinion is going to be an open forum area, where we can help each other with questions and ideas about such topics as health, parenting, sex, peer pressure and the everyday struggles or questions that we come into contact everyday.  Who better to ask then a mother?  It may not be my mother, but we all have measureless amounts of knowledge.  I know that no matter how hard we try, or how many children (or husbands) that we have, we don’t have the answer for everything.  Most of us are blessed with amazing Mothers that for the most part we will get on the phone and ask them, but we don’t want to ask our Mothers everything. So let’s share our wisdom with each other!!  We can be our own Dr. Phil!!  Have fun and know that all questions will be posted for an opinion.  Have a great day.

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  1. My daughter is six and I find that I am struggling to keep her attitude in check. She is talking back all the time, even when I point out that she is talking back she talks back, that she’s not talking back. I feel like all the time outs, slaps on the bum and “you’re grounded,” are not working. Can any of you mothers or fathers give me some advise, on how I can change this bad behavior before I have a 10 year old telling me off? Thanks



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