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A Bit About Me

Well really what can we say about ourself without sounding full of it.  But I will surely give it a try.  The article that best describes me is Body Complex.

My name is Lynn (Not my real name for the privacy of my family.  I want ot be able to say things that won’t hurt or negatively affect my loved ones), and I am a thirty-two years old mother, wife, employee, housekeeper and what sometimes feels like a slave to my own life.  

I have been working since I was fourteen and now I would just like a break. 

I live in a small community a half hour outside of the city. 

I have a beautiful daughter who is six years old.  She is full of fire and attitude in her life right now. And a son that is 9 months old.

My husband and I have been married for six and a half years……and it has been challenging to say the least.

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  1. I love your website! Everything about it. I like how you give your true opion about it. Keep up the great work!! :D

  2. Hi there! I visited my old site just now and saw that I had a comment from you so I visited your site… it’s great, so resourceful and well put together! And I love your photo! I’m excited to catch up on the details of your busy life. :) Where are you located?
    I ended up starting a new site, called In the Still of the Night, which has all the updates from where I left off on my last one in August. Some funny some sad some just terrible. ;)
    Thank you for visiting and I look forward to gettign to know you.


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