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Euthanasia ~ Helping Someone Die ~ What’s Your View On Assisted Suicide?

January 13, 2012 By: Lynn Category: My Views

Euthanatia and helping someone die.  What is your view on assisted suicide?

I actually have three conflicting views on this subject.  First and foremost I was brought up by a minister as a father.  I was brought up to believe that suicide is a sin and that it is the same thing as murder, except murder to yourself and in the end, come judgement time, standing in front of Lord that  it will not be justifyable.  No matter what good works that you have done in your life murder is murder unless you repent your sins, and obviously you can’t do that if you are dead.

The second view that I have comes soley from the fact that I work part time at a nursing home.  I personally see the pain and suffering that some of these people go through.  Whether it be cancer, old age, diseases or the lack of  being able to do anything on their own anymore.  As much as I preserve their dignity and comfort, sometimes it is a shame to see someone just waiting for the, “final stretch.”  Knowing that they are there just waiting to die.  A Lot of the time once they get into a nursing facility, their family forgets about them.  Out of sight equals out of mind.  We become their family.  So to see a grown man who once use to be spry and now is wearing incontinent products and sleeping all the time because he would rather be dead then have people see how down hill he has become, makes me second guess and question my first view.  Why does there have to be so much pain and agony?  Why can’t we go when time feels right.  When we have lived life to it’s fullest?  I mean we have been lifelong tax-payers, we have contributed to society, we have raised a family and at times our children’s children.  They have been married for more years then a 100 people as the national average of marriage.  When is enough, enough?

My third view on suicide as a whole; I believe that it is a cop out.  It upsets me when I have heard of someone committing suicide.  It is a selfish undertaking that not only kills the killer but it also, changes and sometimes kills the family and friends associated with them.  It is never just about the person that kills himself, everyone linked to them is affected and brought down with the narrow mentality of the person that is selfishly taking their life.

So for me, I am very conflicted with this topic.  I think that with the assistance of a professional, family consent and depending on the circumstance then the conversation of euthanasia could be discussed if not religiously bonding.  It’s hard to know that someone, ever so ill can not be helped.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem like a natural death is the right choice.

What is your view on euthanasia?  Do you have conflicting beliefs on this subject?  Do you think that euthanasia is any different then murder?  Or do you think of euthanasia as more of a mercy death?  Share your thoughts with me!!

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1 Comments to “Euthanasia ~ Helping Someone Die ~ What’s Your View On Assisted Suicide?”

  1. Lynn, I know I know ….Euthanasia is such a touchy subject. However, I am leaning towards euthanasia being permitted BUT ONLY under strict rules and regulations.

    I think there are different types of suicide, different issues and situations that cause suicide. In saying that, I think that when a person is truly suffering with a disease/illness, is at the end of their life (whether they are young or old), it is far more understandable, less selfish and can almost be an act of mercy as opposed to the suicides that are far more common in our society, (the type that are more or less cop outs).

    For me, however, religion does not play a role in suicide or euthanasia. Mental Illness and the lack of attention to it certainly does. We have all had times in our life, when we didn’t think we would make it or didn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. I always am saddened when I know of someone who choses suicide as a way out – it makes me realize how lucky I am to have the belief, strength and perserverance and how others don’t. I feel horrible for anyone who deals with depression, addiction, etc….in the end I cannot judge them, I just know I am thankful I have the mental perception I have.

    Thanks Lynn….you keep me thinking


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