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Pregnancy Tips & Advice ~ A Pregnant Woman Should Know Before Expecting Your First Baby

November 27, 2011 By: Lynn Category: Feelings, My Daughter, My Son, New Beginnings, Pregnancy

I can’t say that I am as season as some, but I do have two children of different sex’s and I would like to go over tips and advice a pregnant woman should know before having their first baby.

  • There’s going to be a crazy amount of horror stories that you will hear from other mothers.  DON’T think that it will happen to you.  Every woman is different.  Every experience is different.  Don’t let one mother’s story get into your head and determine what your birthing story will be.
  • Being emotional is COMPLETELY normal.  It’s mostly in the third trimester, that you are a walking crazy lady, but it’s normal just the same.
  • Not every women enjoys being pregnant!  We do not ALL glow.  I personally hated every minute of being pregnant with my daughter.  I felt like death crap ALL the time.  With my son, I enjoyed everything about it!   Our bodies are their own mind.  You will just have to go with it!!
  • Pickles are not everybody’s thing!  It’s funny, as soon as someone hears that you are pregnant, they automatically think that you want a jar of dill pickles with ice cream.  Give me a break we don’t all have cravings and we don’t all crave the same thing!! 
  • Some woman have the perfect basketball bellies, some do not…that’s all I will say about that.
  • Just because there are two of you now…doesn’t not mean you can eat for two….their is only you trying to loose the weight.  Be healthy.
  • Reading all the books out there does not make you a perfect mother.  It’s all about trial and error.  We all make mistakes.  All of our children have fallen off of a bed or two.
  • Don’t stress over every feeling that you body gives you.  Enjoy what you can, and if you can’t then don’t over analyze, take a nap and then revisit the situation.
  • You will have to pee all the time!  It will take more time to pull down your pants, dribble and wipe yourself then what will actually come out of you!  This will get very annoying, but not as annoying as still ”dribbling” yourself after you have the baby
  • Enjoy taking bath or shower.  It won’t happen very often when you have your new baby.
  • It’s over rated to get brand new things for the baby, example, crib, highchair, exersaucer…….they grow out if it in a heart beat.  If you can get the same things for second hand, you are smok’in with gas.

Being pregnant can be one of the most wonderful experiences.  Go with it, enjoy all the firsts, enjoy people rubbing your belly and guessing what you are going to have.  Basque in the glory that you are creating an amazing member to our society and your family. 

These are just a few thoughts do you have any advice for an expecting mom?  Did you experience any of the listed above?  What would you add to your own personal list?

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Life Is Like A Game Of Monopoly

November 16, 2011 By: Lynn Category: Feelings


At this time every year, I find that my husband and I are struggling financially.  It’s always a tough go.  We are trying to make ends meet and it is hard, it’s really hard.  We are like the majority or the world, living pay to pay and sometimes I feel like hand to mouth.  Everything is going up in price; food, gas, everything.  I find that sometimes the world is taking a hold of my neck to see how much I can take.  I know that my husband feels the pressure as well.  We try really hard not to let the feelings of stress subside to our children.  It’s the last thing that a young person should feel, is adult stresses.

I had heard a great example on a radio talk show and he was comparing the everyday financial stresses that people are facing to a monopoly game.  And it’s true.  Each property symbolizes a necessity, BUT once you run out of money then your game is over.  You can’t borrow money, you can’t share your properties, and only the rich can afford to put hotels and houses on the properties.  It truly does seem like the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

It’s hard to be real about this topic.  It is an uncomfortable situation that everyone kind of buries.  You don’t want to tell anyone that you are broke because you don’t want to be judged and yet people don’t want to hear it because alot of the time they don’t want to or can’t help.  Circular stress.  Money make the world go round.

Are you and your family financially comfortable or do you find that everyday is a struggle as well lately?  Do you find that with the cost of EVERYTHING going up that you find yourself cutting back?

Perimenopause vs. Menopause ~ The Signs & Symptoms

November 09, 2011 By: Lynn Category: Health

Perimenopause also known as pre-menopause is not a commonly recognized by doctors.  Perimenopause’s signs and symptoms can start in your mid 30’s to your early 40’s.  You may be going through the signs and symptoms and not even realize that you are suffering from them.

Since having my daughter 6 years ago, my girlfriends at work often laugh at me because on a number of occasions I say that I am going through menopause.  I  have hot flashes ALL the time and crazy anxiety attacks.  I don’t really believe that I am suffering from menopause, but knowing that hot flashes are associated with menapause as a common sign I just call it what it is.  Doing a little research I came across a number of articles that discussed perimenopause.  The symptoms were what I was physically going though.  Perimenopause really hit all the signs on the head.  Now, I am only 32, I have had two children and personally I know, that I am just a raging hormonal woman, BUT I do find this topic very interesting and thought that it deserves a little recognition.

Perimenopause is usually very vague symptoms that you may be feeling.  It is often symptomatic of hormonal imbalance and fluctuations.  In many ways it is the flip side of puberty and like in puberty, perimenopause is when our hormones fluctuate far more than they do during less “eventful” years.  Just because it is not full blown menopause does not make this issue any less important.  What you are going through is very important.

As women, we relying on our menstrual cycle, and however annoying it is, we need it.  It is very important to us.  Our period is like a vital sign.  What can effect your period from changing; pregnancy, and a thyroid problem, but no matter what, whenever there is something wrong with our period it is usually a health issue.  There are about 15% of women that go through menopause without any problems but the majority of women do suffer some form of serious symptoms.

These are some of the signs of perimenopause

  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Weigh Gain Around The Middle Section
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Hot Flashes
  • Anxiety Or Depression
  • Changes in Your mood
  • Missed or Irregular Period (Menstrual Cycle) Or Spotted Period
  • Menstrual Migraines

If a woman is going through Pre-menopause then their estrogen, testosterone, or progesterone, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and luteinizing hormone (LH) is low or starting to drop.  One way you can try to treat it is with hormone replacement.   Other ways of reducing symptoms of perimenopause is through:

  • Hormonal Therapy
  • Low Dose Antidepressant
  • Yoga/Hypnosis/Exercise

It is also very important to know that you can still get pregnant through perimenopause, this is still a critical time with your body.  If you are still ovulating then the baby making chance is still there.  To be happy and learn to live with perimenopause it is a good idea to have a deliberate diet, enjoyable exercise, rest and relaxation, herbs and nutrients targeted to hormonal balance, and solid emotional support.  Lot’s of support.  We can be irrational sometimes.  LOL

Not every treatment works.  You have to know your body, and if your doctor is dismissive then you should find another doctor.  This is a serious problem with some women.  You have the right to know how to respond and react to this issue.

Are you or someone you know going through this battle?  What do you do to maintain your sanity?  How long have you been experiencing the signs and symptoms of Perimenopause?

I found this book called Perimenopause–Preparing for the Change, Revised 2nd Edition: A Guide to the Early Stages of Menopause and Beyond, on Amazon and paid $1.00 for it.  It is a fantastic read!  To order one yourself press on the link provided above.


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