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Health Update: 2 Year Old Chinese Baby Victim Of Hit & Run By Two Trucks Drivers Dies In Hospital

October 21, 2011 By: Lynn Category: Health, National News, Our Children

Health Update on Chinese Baby Wang  Yue (Yueyue) Yianmei; the two year old victim that was in a hit and run by two delivery truck drivers and left for dead as 18 people pass her by on the street outside of her house has passed away today at the hospital in her community of Guangzhou Foshan China.  Click here to see full story and YouTube video of what happened.

What a sad day it is for the family, friends and anyone that has invested their time into this story.  This poor little Yueyue’s life was cut too short.  She had so much life and growth to give, but it has been taken away over this tragic story.  I personally can’t imagine this happening to my children; I try not to.  The one thing that we all know coming into this world is that one day we are going to die,but hopefully it has been a fulfilling life.  I am sure that baby Yueyue gave her parents SO much joy.

To Yueyue’s parents, I hope that some day you can find some closure, to the truck drivers, I hope that you can find some peace and solitude.  For all of us that have taken this story in and been shocked by the outcome, I hope that we can all come out of this with a little bit of awareness and a lot more compassion.

May you rest in peace beautiful girl.  We will all carry a piece of you with us whenever we embrace our own loved ones.

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10 Comments to “Health Update: 2 Year Old Chinese Baby Victim Of Hit & Run By Two Trucks Drivers Dies In Hospital”

  1. jham & avie from philippines says:

    hell those drivers,, they must die too..
    i love you baby yueyue ..
    to the parents be strong always there are also people who are suffering from what happened so have faith ..
    we love you very much..
    we also care for what happen to you.
    your a special gift from god be also a blessing for him..
    we love you..

    from the philippines,
    jham & avie

  2. jham & avie from philippines says:

    i love you baby.. yueyue!!!! be at peace.. lots of prayer will be sent to you…
    to the parents.. there also a lot of people who are suffering because of what happened.. be strong.., have faith in god!!
    we love you very much.. god bless you and god loves you very much..
    your a special gift to god… be a good girl always ..
    we love you ..

    jham & avie
    from philippines..

  3. What sad is that if the parent does not know the Lord Jesus, they will never see her again. Is there anyway we can share the gospel to the parent and the two driver. Perhaps this tragic will bring salvation because someone care enought to share the gospel. Let make this tragic into salvation opportunity to the parent and drivers.

  4. Does Little Yueyue’s parents have a blog?

  5. This is the saddest story ever! It makes me want to hug my children close and appreciate every minute.

  6. That is such a sad story.

  7. Lynn,
    I’m so sorry to hear that little girl died. You know… you are more likely to be “saved” if you yell help in a street with only 1 person on it than if you yell it on a crowded street? Because everyone feels “someone else will / should do it”
    It is just a shame. Love you last few posts. Crazy busy around here – but I loved sitting down to read for awhile.


  8. Eddy Verbeelen says:

    Can we have the address of the parents to write in chinese a few words of sympathy or the address of the hospital and Email.

    Thank you

  9. Richard mad says:

    Hurts to hear something this bad going on in this world. I hope that the driver burn in hell.


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