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Halloween Safety Tips, Safe Trick or Treating For Our Children

October 28, 2011 By: Lynn Category: Our Children, Parenting

As Halloween quickly approaches, here are some tips for safe trick or treating for your family.  Let’s also use this time to teach our children about stranger danger.  We need to keep them safe from even the most enticing candy.

I know what you are thinking, I am an adult of course my child(ren) are going to be safe, trick or treating, but think of it as a refresher.  There are a lot of freaks out there. 

Better to be safe then sorry.

  • Have adult supervision.  Always accompany your children if you don’t think they’re old enough to trick or treat on their own.
  • The more the merrier.  If they’re old enough to trick or treat without an adult, they should alway stay in a group setting.  Two or three are always  better then one.
  • Have a mapped agenda.  Designate a route before your children begin trick or treating, and make sure they stick to it.   That way if they ar not back in a timely fashion you can go look for them.
  • Trick or treat in friendly neighborhoods.  Ensure your children only visit houses with lights on. And, if they have Halloween decoration on the porch then they are sure to be in the spirit.

Apples, peanut butter and marshmellows.  Dip your apples in pineapple or lemon juice and they will not get brown!

  • Stay in a crowd.  Have your children trick or treat in areas where there are a lot of people around.  They should also avoid taking short-cuts through the woods, alleys and parking lots.
  • Stay outside.  Make sure your children never go inside someone’s house. Unless of course you know them.  They should never have to go inside to get candy from someone.
  • Shorter equals safer.  Costumes shouldn’t be too long so that they don’t trip over them. Wear flame retardant costumes, because of fire in the jack-o-lanterns.
  • Remain visible.  Dress your children in a bright costume so others can see them.  If their costume is dark, have your children wear reflective strips or carry a glow stick or a flashlight.  Remember there are still a lot of drivers around, that may not be looking out for you or your children. 

Spaghetti noodles and hot dogs!  Who would have thought.  This is such a fun idea.   Add pasta sauce for a bloody effect.

  • Don’t cover the face.  Instead of masks, have your children wear make-up so they can see better.  And also, masks make them sweaty anyways.
  • Quality-check treats.  Check your child’s candy before they eat it.  Throw out any candy that is not in its original wrapper or looks like it has been tampered or opened.
  • Say “no” to strangers.  Tell your children to never accept a ride or go anywhere with a stranger.
  • Obey the law.  Encourage your kids to follow all the rules for walking around.  That includes looking both ways before crossing, obeying all traffic laws and using cross walks and crossing lights where available.

 I hope that you and your family stay safe and have fun this coming Monday. 

What are you and your little ones dressing up as?


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Gifts From The One You Love

October 27, 2011 By: Lynn Category: My Husband, Simple Humour

Do you receive gifts from your significant other very often?  Well, I was just talking to my husband on the phone, who is at work.  As we were humming and hodding about how bored we both were, even though I have a 101 things to do, I mentioned to him that he had to stop and get bread for our daughter’s lunch tomorrow.

Me, “Hun, this is critical, you can’t forget, or she’s not eating tomorrow.”

Him, “I know, I know.”

Me, “While you are at it, you haven’t bought me flowers in years,   (that’s right, it’s not a typo, YEARS, how many you ask, thinking I might not know six years!!!!  Can you imagine!  Anyways, that’s something I let go of years ago.)   maybe you’d like to buy me some.  I did birth your two watermelon head children.”

Him, “You got flowers a couple of years ago from me.”

No word of lie, he was outside mowing the lawn and picked me a bouquet of weeds.  Not the weed you smoke, at least that may have been fun, but real long grass weeds, and they were stinky weeds.  Needless to say, I think that he owns me flowers!!

What’s your favorite kind of flower?  Do you get flowers often?  I may get jealous, but tell me the truth!!

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Memorial For Baby Wang Yue (Yueyue) Of China, 2 Year Old Victim Of Hit & Run

October 24, 2011 By: Lynn Category: National News, Relationships

A Memorial for Baby Wang Yue (Yueyue) of Guangzhou Foshan China, the 2 year old of the tragic hit and run last week, have been held in several cities to remember the life of this precious child.
Since Yueyue’s passing, a candlelight vigil took place at Nanhua University in Hengyang, Hunan.  Throughout China mourners have held vigils and impromptu memorials to commemorate her passing.

It was reported by one of the local newspapers that 200 or so people gathered in the market where Yueyue’s life was cut short.  The local people were handing out hugs, to declare war on apathy and cold-heartedness.1 minute moment of silence was observed, before a pledge was read by the gathered mourners to make a difference and be less indifferent towards others:

“That one moment of coldness spread across the country and became everyone’s wound,” the group shouted.”If it were you or me on that day, we would have at least stopped and pulled her aside. We would at least have lent a helping hand to ask for help, call the police and protect her.

“We will not complain about the powerless legal system or degraded morality … Starting with me, we will spread warmth around and drive away cold-heartedness.”

Typically as time goes on, a pledge like this will be forgotten and life as we know it will go on.  But for now, the freshness of Yueyue’s passing is bringing to light the difference a little compassion can make.  Time will tell if the mourners and residents in Foshan and others affected by her loss will make good on their pledges to be more caring towards strangers.

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