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Sauce On The Shirt

October 12, 2009 By: Lynn Category: Bad Habits, Frustrated, My Husband, Simple Humour, So Embarassing

I’m not sure what the problem is but every time my husband eats something he gets the sauce on his shirt.                                     

I made spaghetti for supper and it doesn’t fail, my husband seems to always miss his mouth (which is odd in and of its self) every time and gets the food on his shirt.  It is entertaining and annoying at the same time.  I feel like I always have to clean up after him.

We could be going though the drive through and he will get ketchup on himself, or a hot dog, mustard, or I make steak and potatoes, he will get HP sauce on his shirt.  Strange right.  He has enough to say, how can he possibly miss his mouth.

 Really it is at the point that we don’t even eat out on public anymore, I’m pretty sure that they don’t serve bibs big enough.  Our daughter is cleaner then he is for goodness sakes.       

 Do you have any funny stories about your significant other?  And the well known attacking sauce!!  Because it never seems to be them.  :0)


A Bratz Doll Definately Isn't A Barbie

October 12, 2009 By: Lynn Category: Controversial, Feelings, My Daughter, Our Children, Parenting

I have a niece that on every special occasion she somehow or another always received a Bratz doll for a present from my in-laws.  I always said to my husband, if we have a daughter I really don’t want her to receive those kinds of dolls.

I absolutely don’t like what they represent.  I was brought up with Barbie’s.  Yes, they too are very physically endowed, but they are not as sexually appealing as a Bratz’s doll.


Now I know what you are thinking, well they are young and children don’t understand the perception of what they exemplify, but as parents, it is our responsibility to maintain guidance, and as far as I am concerned they suggest sexuality.  Why do we want to pre-condition our children, our young girls to be sexual beings.  We don’t allow our daughters to watch shows with prostitutes.  They don’t depict what we want for our children. Why do some parents not allow their young boys to play with toy guns?  Because they are impressionable.  And we don’t want them thinking that guns are toys.

Look how Bratz dolls are dressed, like bimbo’s, short skirts, halter tops, tall hooker boots, (not that tall boots represents hookers) and make-up that is sufficient for a doll army.

I know that when I was a young girl playing with my Barbie I would envision myself to be Barbie and dance with my Ken in the beautiful gowns that she had. 

Well how do we as parents not think that our young impressionable children aren’t thinking the same thing.  I know that my daughter said that she couldn’t wait to wear make-up like the Bratz doll.  That’s great, pre-conditioning.  It’s our responsibility to protect our children from the world.  They will be grown-ups in no time.  Why are we rushing this process, their minds are so susceptible.

So it came to that point that my daughter received a Bratz doll from the in-laws, two in fact.  They know that I don’t like what they represent and yet still with no respect got her the only thing that I don’t want my daughter to have.  So with that  I had to tell my daughter that the dolls were not dressed like ladies and that dolls are wonderful, but some dolls are for older girls.  At least that way they can understand right from wrong a bit more.

I know that some mothers out there are probably thinking that I have over analyzed this situation, but as my daughter’s mother I have to do what I think is the best for MY daughter.  And to me Bratz dolls are not positive stimulation.

Do you have a toy that you don’t like?  Or views on my feelings?

Sneezing Exhibition

October 11, 2009 By: Lynn Category: My Husband, Simple Humour

My hubby has a trick……he can chew a piece of excel gum and sneeze three times in a row.  It is hilarious.

He’s like a circus act.

Me, “ok, you go out and chew a piece of gum, without anyone knowing and say that you can randomly sneeze three times.” 

My husband, “that would be cool.”  That’s right, I am thinking of making a side act of some sort.  He’s like a dog that can bark on command, or shake a paw, everybody thinks that that is cool, well my husband can sneeze three times on demand.  That’s right my trick is better than your trick.

My daughter and I get a kick out of it every time.  Of course this little trick usually happens when we get in the car.  Once we get in and buckle up our daughter will ask for her piece of gum and then my husband.  We just sit there and wait.  Upon arrival of the gum hitting his palate, it begins.  Three sneezes!!  This could really take off in New York City.  He could make a fortune! lol

Beat that David Copperfield!!

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